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Flooding protection


Flooding protection

     Engineering flood protection is one of the priority area of involvement for our Institute.
     JSC "Ukrvodproekt" carried out a great work on developing the Schemes and Programs of the Integrated flood protection during the period of 1998 - 2008.
     Scheme and Program of the integrated flood protection in the Tisa basin (Transcarpathian region, Ukraine).
     Scheme and Program of the integrated flood protection in the Dniester, Prut and Siret basins (Subcarpathian region, Ukraine).
     Concept of Flood Protection, Water Management Development and Restoration of Floodplains in Bereg region and Borzhava basin (Ukraine), 2007.
     Specification for Automatic flood Information System AFIS - "Tysa".
     The Integrated Program of the residential and agricultural area protection against water harmful effects in Ukraine during the period of 2001 - 2010.
     Improvement of recreational area of the Blue Lake (Kiev).
     Improvement of recreational area "Puscha Voditsa" (Kiev).
     Improvement and pond cleaning in park "Orlyatko" in Kiev, Ukraine.
     Hydrological stations N° 1, 2, 3 - system for collecting, transmission and processing of hydrometeorological data (2010).
     Improvement of Park "Otradniy" in Kiev, Ukraine.
     Detail design of the Berehovo cross border polder system reconstruction.
     Scheme of the stabilizing the Tisza river in the Ukrainian-Romanian border territory (Transcarpathian region).
     Specification for Automatic Flood Information System - "Prykarpattya".
     Roads rehabilitation in Zestafony, Samtredia and Sachhere municipalities of the Imerety region, Georgia.
     Automobile road and railway reconstruction on the landslide soils around the Joumine Reservoir, Tunisia.
     Bypass road construction on the landslide soils around Sejenane Reservoir, Tunisia.


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