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Special works

     Regulations to improve the environmental condition of the water bodies
          - Annual regulations of the Ingulets River cleaning.
          - Feasibility Study and development of the rules for washing the Karachunovskoe reservoir (Krivoy Rog) on the Ingulets River.

     Our specialist performed hydrological calculations and water balance for projects:
          - Integrated Scheme of the flood protection in the Tisa basin, Transcarpathian region.
          - Scheme of water supply and sewage of the city Kiev, Section "Water resources."
          - Water balance calculations for National Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka".
          - Integrated Scheme of the flood protection in the Dniester basin, the Prut basin and the Siret basin, Sub-Carpathian region.

     Operation instructions for the objects:
          - North-Crimean canal. Project operation.
          - Rules for operation of reservoirs Lesnoye, Mykolayivskoe, Zlatoustovskoe, Belogoroskoe, Tayganskoe, Ivanovskoe, Sophievskoe, Frontovoe, Stancyonoe, Simferopolskoe, Inguletskoe.

     Since 1988, Institute "Ukrvodproekt" carried out the certification of the small rivers accordance with the Decree of the Ukraine Government Number 658-r (18.12.1987).
     In Total 681 certificates were developed for 2260 small rivers.
     An electronic database was created for small rivers in Ukraine (536 certificates, which contain 1,927 small rivers)

     Solid domestic waste management
          - Landfill for solid domestic waste in Obukhov, Ukraine.
          - Landfill for domestic solid waste in Ochakov, Ukraine.
          - Reclamation of the landfill number 6 for construction wastes, Kiev, Ukraine.
          - Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of landfill site number 5, village Pidgirtsy, Ukraine.
     Groundwater replenishment
     Artificial groundwater replenishment in Northern Crimea (FS).


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