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The Institute develops integrated schemes, projects, contractor designs and documentation, carries out project justification and engineering feasibility

Engineering survey:
- land survey and mapping;
- engineering, geological and hydrogeological survey;
- geotechnical and geochemical studies;
- environmental and geological survey;
- data processing;
- hydrometric survey.

Land reclamation:
- Irrigation systems;
- Drainage systems;
- Special reclamation measures.

Water projects development:
- water storage reservoirs;
- ponds;
- interbasin water transfer;
- studies on rational usage of water and land resources in regions and river basins;
- hydropower plants;
- dikes;
- canals, locks, spillways;
- bank strengthening;
- piers and slipway;
- flood protection structures;
- fish protection facilities and equipment;
- river training;
- sea and river hydraulic structures;
- hydraulic structures instrumentation;
- analysis of the hydraulic structures technical state;
- rivers, reservoirs and ponds cleaning.

Water supply:
- water supply networks;
- water intakes;
- water purification plants;
- pumping stations;
- underground water intakes.

- sewer networks;
- wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial effluents;
- sewage pumping stations.

Flooding protection:
- flooding engineering protection;
- landscape engineering for building and recreation;
- determination of water levels in rivers and flooding areas;
- hydraulic calculations of breaking waves.

Land management and inventory

Special works:
- regulations to improve environmental condition of water bodies;
- hydrological calculations and water balance;
- elaboration of operation instructions for the objects;
- certification of water bodies;
- solid domestic waste management;
- groundwater replenishment;
- tail storages;
- elimination of the Chernobyl`s Nuclear Power Plant accident.

Power supply and communication systems

Science and technology fund

Regulatory documents

Science and technology fund

Preparation of tender documents

Supervision in construction

Consulting services

Expertise of projects


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